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Upper Cervical Care for chronic complicated
conditions that have not typically responded
to other conventional or alternative treatments

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Sports Injury Treatment

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Chiropractic Care

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care

Instrument Adjusting

Instrument Adjusting


Sports and Family Chiropractic


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Chamblee Chiropractor

We are so glad you decided to visit. This site offers a wealth of information on chiropractic and our practice. You'll learn how it increases the expression of your potential for health and how it maximizes performance through the specific adjustment of the cervical spine without manipulation.
Dr. Sautre has more than 20 years of experience in providing chiropractic care to adults & children with subluxations (spinal misalignments affecting the nervous system) and uses advanced technologies, primarily the Atlas Orthogonal Technique to adjust the cervical spine without manipulation, impacting global posture and balance. The correction of other misalignments in the body's structure is addressed using well-established chiropractic methods. Precautionary measures and health advice are provided to the patient for safeguarding the adjustment and easing recovery.

Through excellence in chiropractic care and a compassionate attitude we believe in serving our patients, in fulfilling our vocation and in advancing the chiropractic profession.

Explore these pages to discover how chiropractic will benefit you and your family. You'll also find many links to other sites on chiropractic, health and alternative healing. I hope you find it informative and learn something new.

Yours in chiropractic,

Dr. Serge Sautre,
Dr, Ryan Collins,

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting https// 

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Meet Dr. Serge Sautre

Doctor of Chiropractic and Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique

In 1985, Serge discovered chiropractic after suffering from a severe whiplash injury while driving to a tennis tournament near Paris, France. He received medical treatments and rehabilitation but was unable to play tennis after the injury.

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Meet Dr. Ryan Collins

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Ryan Collins is a Georgia native and a former high school football player who learned about the power of healing through chiropractic while attending the University of Georgia with aspirations of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon but Dr. Collins's mother began to suffer from severe thyroid issue.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Sautre and staff are extraordinary. I have seen multiple specialists for complications after spinal surgery and was about to give up on finding a solution until I was introduced to their team by another extremely knowledgeable and caring neurologist. Dr. Sautre takes the time to understand your medical needs and does it carefully, ensuring that you are only getting what you need and what will work for you. His staff knew my name after the first visit and are so warm and friendly.

Jenny R.
Chamblee, GA

I've had chronic back pains for years- was even recommended for surgery. After trying many other chiropractors. I stumbled upon Dr. Sautre. I can honestly say that after 7 months of care, I am completely pain free. The process towards being pain free is not instant (like most believe). It's a process... the key is consistency. I much prefer natural methods like chiropractic than medicines and other "remedies" Dr. Sautre and his staff are all amazing and really do care! It is such a refreshing experience compared to all the traditional doctors.

Rohan B.
Chamblee, GA

Dr. Sautre is an awesome chiropractor that cares equally about physical and spiritual health. He has helped me so much and I am not the easiest patient as I travel a bit. He has great office hours and a lovely office space. His staff are amazing and couldn't be more kind and approachable. I highly recommend Dr. Sautre.

Natalie W.
Chamblee, GA


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