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The Doctors in Chamblee

Dr. Searge Sautre Chiropractor Chamblee Georgia

Dr. Serge Sautre

Discovering Chiropractic After an Injury

In 1985, Serge discovered chiropractic after suffering from a severe whiplash injury while driving to a tennis tournament near Paris, France. He received medical treatments and rehabilitation but was unable to play tennis after the injury. Chiropractic made a difference in his life and he decided to answer his inner call by becoming a chiropractor. He dedicated his career to helping others with a great understanding of what patients are going through and what happens to the body when not in proper alignment. Learn more about Dr. Sautre.

Dr. Ryan CollinsDr. Ryan Collins Chiropractor Chamblee Georgia


Dr. Ryan Collins is a Georgia native and a former high school football player who learned about the power of healing through chiropractic while attending the University of Georgia with aspirations of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon but Dr. Collins’ mother began to suffer from severe thyroid issue. She did not respond to medications and was told she needed surgery and medications for the rest of her life. Thankfully, she sought out a second opinion from a chiropractor. After being under chiropractic care, her symptoms were completely gone and felt the best she had in her life. This “miraculous” recovery got Dr. Collins’ attention! Learn more about Dr. Collins