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Dr. Serge Sautre of Chamblee

Dr. Serge Sautre of Sature Chiropractor in Atlanta Georgia 30341

Discovering Chiropractic After an Injury

In 1985, Serge discovered chiropractic after suffering from a severe whiplash injury while driving to a tennis tournament near Paris, France. He received medical treatments and rehabilitation but was unable to play tennis after the injury. Chiropractic made a difference in his life and he decided to answer his inner call by becoming a chiropractor. He dedicated his career to helping others with a great understanding of what patients are going through and what happens to the body when not in proper alignment.

Education, Experience and Services to the community since 1995

  • Undergraduate Degree in Science, University of Paris VI, France; 1989
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Life College, School of Chiropractic, Marietta, GA, USA. 1994
  • Elite Athlete Preparation, Life University International Sports Training Center, 1996
  • Tobacco Free Health Initiative, W.H.O., P.A.H.O, NGOs for health, 1998-2000
  • Director of Life Chiropractic Olympic Clinic in Costa Rica, 2000-2001
  • Sports chiropractor for professional tennis players and coaches
  • Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique

Family Practice in Atlanta:

Dr. Sautre is in private practice at the Sweat Institute a renowned chiropractic clinic in Metro Atlanta. He was affiliated with the Sandy Springs Tennis Academy, the Georgia Professional Tennis Association and serves the community in a family-style clinic. He also provides care to professional tennis coaches & athletes and lectures on spinal health, stress management and injury prevention in metro Atlanta to renowned companies and organizations. He is a board member of the Association For Catholic Chiropractors. He is married to Paula who was a WTA professional tennis player and is the father of 4 daughters: Marie, Clara, Felicitee, and Cecilia.

Dr. Serge Sautre Humanitarian Program

Humanitarian Activities:

Dr. Sautre participated in health promotion programs through Life University and presented Neuro-Spinal Hygiene to the NGO Health for All Initiative in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2000, Dr. Sautre moved to Costa Rica to participate in humanitarian activities by providing chiropractic care to local communities. "It was a great experience helping people suffering from a wide variety of health conditions by giving the best of what we have with our hands from the bottom of our hearts."

Sports Injury and Peak Performance (picture of Dr. Serge with World renownedTennis Champions: Mats Wilander & Mikael Perfors):

Sports is an integral part of Dr. Sautre's life. His experience with peak performance athletes and injury management began in 1994 during the preparation of the 96 Olympics. From 1998 to 2002 he participated with the Olympic movement in the Central American Games in Venezuela, in Guatemala and also served as team chiropractor to national teams, tennis tournaments, and international sports events.