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A patient of Sautre Chiropractor in Chamblee Georgia 30341

ANDY, 42, University Student; Brain Surgery, Patient since 2004:

"In the Fall of 2003, I spent three months in the hospital getting a brain tumor removed. During the later part of the three months, I completed all of the physical therapy's the medical doctors had prescribed, but I was still unable to walk across the room without the aid of a walker. Since insurance was running out, the hospital sent me home in a wheelchair. My mother had worked for Life University and felt a good chiropractor would be the best way to continue my therapy at home. She found a doctor in Atlanta that she knew well, but I didn't have any income, and knew I could not afford to go to a chiropractor, much less a GOOD ONE. Mom said that she would take care of it. Truth is, she knew how much I needed to go.

When we arrived, Dr. Sautre greeted us very friendly. He examined me, he took a couple of x-rays, and then adjusted me. All the while he politely listened to my medical story. He gave me exercises to do at home, that would help in recuperating from my physical ordeal. Knowing of my financial strain, at that time, he postponed the payments until I was able to pay. Looking back, he had no idea when that would be, for all he knew it could have been an indefinite period of time.

I have been visiting Dr. Sautre nearly every week since June 2004 to Present. The improvements that I have made have astonished every medical doctor involved with my case. I do not believe I would have improved to this level with any other chiropractor. Not only is Dr. Sautre a great doctor, he takes the time to pray for me while I am in his office, every visit. Now this is a person that cares for his patients.

I do not believe you could ever find another chiropractor more knowledgeable, or any better than Dr. Sautre. I do not believe you could find a person with a more caring heart, than the person of Serge Sautre...I would recommend Dr. Sautre to anyone for any physical complaint."

A patient of Sautre Chiropractor in Chamblee Georgia 30341DEBBIE, 53, Two Neck Surgeries, SEVERE CHRONIC NECK PAIN,TINGLING AND NUMBNESS IN ARMS & LEGS, Patient since 2011:

"I had suffered for years from neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain, numbness and tingling. I experienced Intercostal pain and muscle spasms in the rib cage in the 1980's. By 1992 I began having leg pain and numbness, couldn't lift my feet and began falling a lot. Heavy pain in legs in sued and I began having muscle tightness/hardness in calves and hamstrings. I had to use a walker and wheelchair to get around and began to have stomach and colon issues. I then suffered from debilitating pain and discomfort not able to turn my neck with pain in my shoulders, both arms and hands, down the middle of my back, spasms, burning, tingling and numbness.

Due to the severity of my condition I underwent 2 different neck surgeries and Physical Therapy to help with the pain which only provided short term relief and the pain would always find its way back.

I was referred to Dr. Serge Sautre by my dentist. When I came to Dr. Serge for the initial consultation. I was at a point in my life where I was unable to make advanced plans and had to live one day at a time because I never knew how intense the pain would be from day to day. I was unable to sleep and the bad days certainly outweighed the good. My quality of life suffered and I was taking 9 different prescription medications daily.

I came to see Dr. Serge in March of 2011 to see if non-manipulative Atlas Orthogonal Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic care could help. Dr. Serge reviewed my medical records and performed an extensive examination indicating nerve inflammation as my neck was out of proper alignment. Specific X-rays of the cervical spine were taken at the clinic and revealed a misalignment in my upper neck (Atlas Subluxation) and was corrected using the Atlas Orthogonal adjusting instrument. I found some immediate relief after the first adjustment and have been improving significantly since that day.

Now, I have gradually removed most of the medications that were previously prescribed from daily use as the pain and discomfort are not as chronic and only occur on occasion now. I'm doing things in my life that I have not been able to do in years."

If you are reading this "testimonial" it most likely means that you too may suffer from mild to chronic pain and are in desperate need of relief as I was. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Sautre, I was referred to the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) because my primary medical Doctor was as desperate as I was to help me; with the most severe painful episode taking place Christmas 2009 that landed me in bed on Christmas day for approximately 5 days, basically being kept sedated due to my pain being "off the charts". With this episode the pain was in a different location than before.

With this appointment at UAB with one of the best and world known Neurosurgeons, I knew that possibly "another surgery" was in my future, which was okay as long as I NEVER had to endure the pain that I had suffered. When the Doctor advised me that my previous surgeries were successful and it is most unfortunate for someone my age, to see the condition of my neck along with surgeries and not to have an explanation such as an accident of some type that would explain the damage. His next statement was that "I didn't need any surgery"; to continue with exercise, OTC medication for the inflammation, enjoy my good days, stay down on the bad. After this appointment I felt that the final door of hope had been closed for me and that I had to learn to deal with this pain.

Today, I realize after one year of seeing Dr. Sautre, how wrong I was. Actually I realized that hope for a better quality of life was possible. After the first appointment with some immediate relief and with each appointment thereafter, that "HOPE" was confirmed. I can't find the words to describe of how thankful I am that I made that first appointment for a consultation and how blessed I felt when Dr. Sautre telephoned me after reviewing my x-rays that he thought he could help me. HELP ME HE DID, he can help you too!

Coach PaulaCOACH PAULA, 38, WTA ProTennis Player, Tennis Coach & #1 Fan of Dr. Serge, patient since 2000:

Chiropractic gave me so many good things in my life... First I discovered chiropractic in 1994 at the Central American Games after a low back injury on the court, I received an adjustment from Dr.Edwin Cordero (now president of Sherman Chiropractic College) and finished the tournament with 3 gold medals.

In 2002, I received my second gift from chiropractic: my wonderfull energetic and wise husband, then four healthy girls. With Dr. Serge I learn the real meaning of chiropractic care, natural health, enjoy family life and God's blessings.

MickaelMICKAEL, 41, Pro Golf Player and Triathlete, patient since 1992:

"Get into a fullchiropractic program to reach your maximum potential..."
"My name is Mikael, patient of Dr. Serge, I am a Professionnal Golfer and Ironman Triathlete (Marathon PB 2hr45'). Chiropractic has been really helpfull for me to reach my Golf potential and reach my endurance limits as well, specially for the recovery side. I really feel great with chiropractic in my daily basis training days. I really invite athletes and golfers who are highly motivated to get into a full chiropractic program to reach their maximum potential and get ultimate recovery."

Charlie and Sandy, patients since 2002

"Serge Provides more than chiropractic care..."

Dr. Serge gives us moral support in trying to live a healthy listyle and encouragement to deal with health challenges.

Serge is more than just a doctor. He is also a friend.

DIANA, 30, Office Manager, Neck pain and tight shoulders, Menstrual pain, patient since 2010:

"Since my first menstrual cycle, I have been experiencing excruciating back pain and headaches monthly...I tried medications, hormonal control recommended by my gynecologist but nothing really helped. While I was seeking chiropractic care for my neck tension and stress, I realized that my menstrual pain disappeared after getting under chiropractic care."

CASSANDRA, 46, Registered Nurse, Stroke like episodes, patient since 2011:

I experienced stroke like symptoms with impaired speech and severe right arm weakness; I was unable to work and think effectively. I had stopped all activities and was just able to do basic things! When I turned my head in a certain position, I could not process words which lead to being unable to talk and loosing strength in my right hand. I went to the emergency room on two occasions, took steroid medications, and was recommended to go to PT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My medical specialist referred me to Dr. Sautre for cervical chiropractic care without manipulation. After receiving AO chiropractic care with Dr. Sautre, I started feeling much better immediately and was able to enjoy life again and my right hand strength improved significantly. In addition to the neck pain being better, my back pain has also improved.

ROBERT, 42, Stabbing neck pain and excruciating headaches, patient since 2008:

I had DAILY severe stabbing neck pain radiating through my head that I had trouble controlling with prescription medication. After treatment from Dr. Serge Sautre using the Atlas Orthogonal method, my condition has become much better, I have reduced the amount of medication and my pain is less severe and less frequent. I received manual chiropractic and pain medication treatment in the past and have considered surgery. Now I enjoy more pain free days and take less medications and my quality of life is much better without chronic pain each and every day. My outlook is more optimistic.